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Model: Antony Fitzgerald

Photo: Ivan Weiss

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March 2022
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Model : Antony Fitzgerald

Photography: Ivan Weiss

London, UK
Model: Cain Magee
Photographer Glenn Davidson
Mullika London

Mullika London
Ramón Pérez Montero
OriGinaL Books : The haunting of Thornham Staithe, by Terence Cant.
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Legend has it that, in the lands of the mythical Avalon, the apple trees bore exquisite fruit throughout the year…and 9 fairy queens lived there. Legend also tells that there was a knight with an enigmatic smile who rode through the mists every evening and fate wanted him to be called Cain Magee. He was tall and mysterious, brave with a creative soul, one who invaded every room he came to. Here is his story…

Cain Magee

Lindy Pieri and Kirsty Jane Fleetham
Antony Fitzgerald
Cain Magee with our magazine

Deja que el corazón sea un cazador solitario
Mikaela Soler
Recordando a Carson MacCullers, escritora estadounidense cuya obra gira, precisamente, sobre personajes aislados y marginados socialmente, viene a mi mente el título de la primer libro de ella: “El corazón es un cazador solitario».
Quisiera destacar, en este sentido, la labor editorial realizada por la Librería Persephone de Londres publicando libros de autoras no conocidas del siglo XX. Una iniciativa excepcional que supone rescatar del olvido a mujeres que no fueron valoradas o no tuvieron la oportunidad de dar a conocer su obra literaria.
OriGinaL MagaZine es una publicación que nace de la necesidad de reflexión en la creatividad y el arte, con una clara vocación universal y con el deseo implícito de mostrar las creaciones de artistas e intelectuales de distintos países del mundo. Dejemos pues que el corazón sea un cazador solitario en su búsqueda de sí mismo; un cazador en proceso creativo constante, desde su “yo» más honesto y auténtico; un cazador de emociones y experiencias; un cazador que busca salvar su alma del vacío de la existencia humana y dotarla de sentido a través del Arte y la Cultura.
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Let the heart be a lonely hunter
Mikaela Soler
Remembering Carson MacCullers, an American writer whose work revolves precisely around isolated and socially marginalized characters, the title of her first book comes to mind: «The heart is a lonely hunter».
I would like to highlight, in this regard, the editorial work carried out by the Persephone Bookstore in London, publishing books by unknown authors of the 20th century. An exceptional initiative that involves rescuing from oblivion women who were not valued or did not have the opportunity to make their literary work known.
OriGinaL MagaZine is a publication born from the need for reflection on creativity and art, with a clear universal vocation and with the implicit desire to show the creations of artists and intellectuals from different countries of the world. So let the heart be a lonely hunter in its search for itself; a hunter in a constant creative process, from his most honest and authentic «I», a hunter of emotions and experiences, a hunter who seeks to save his soul from the emptiness of human existence and give it meaning through Art and Culture.
Welcome to OriGinaL MagaZine!

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